Breeding the perfect Bernedoodles In NW Minnesota!


Meet our Parents

Favorite, Our Sire

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Buttercup, Momma

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Daisy, Momma

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Dolly, Momma

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Chickadee, Momma

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Pearl, Momma

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Diamond, Momma

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Becky Boone, Momma

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Iris, Momma

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Favorite definitely lives up to his name…he is a family favorite! He weighs about 70 lbs. and his personality is the best. He is incredibly laid back and extremely attached to the kids. If it’s going for an adventure in the pasture, riding horse, or an ATV trip, Favorite is coming along to keep a watchful eye over his family. We’re confident his puppies will inherit his great personality…crossed with our females and your next pup will be one of a kind! We breed him with our Bernese Mountain dog moms to create beautiful Standard Bernedoodles!


Chickadee is a big, gentle girl and is easy to pick her out with her gorgeous blue eye. She is also one of our girls that likes to hold your hand as you walk. She puts it so gently in her mouth and just follows along. Chickadee is one of our bigger girls weighing 90 lbs. She loves walks but really loves laying around with us in the house.


Buttercup is a beautiful girl and is our most laid back female. She is also the largest at 100 lbs. Buttercup is always happy and loves everyone. Most days she can be found resting in the shade right in front of the house or on the kitchen floor if possible.


Daisy is a very laid back girl and she loves all people! She is beautiful and has some adorable freckles on her muzzle. Her hair coat is beautiful and is kind of wavy but not quite curly. She weighs 85 lbs and is a beautiful Bernese mountain dog.


Dolly is a beautiful girl and loves everyone! She is playful and loves to follow the kids around. She is 80 pounds and has a gorgeous hair coat.


Pearl is such a gorgeous girl! She is our shyest girl but she loves us all and warms up to people quite quickly. She can be found wherever the kids are because she follows them everywhere. She weighs 85 lbs and has a beautiful hair coat as well.


Diamond is such a sweet girl and is our most energetic She loves all people and dogs. Bernese mountain dog. She loves to go for walks and follow us on horseback rides. Diamond weighs 90 lbs and has a beautiful, straighter hair coat. She also likes to hold your hand in her mouth as you walk across the yard.

Becky Boone

Becky Boone is an F1 Bernedoodle and is one of our females we have chosen for our F1b program. She has the best personality and love learning new tricks! She also loves following the kids everywhere and going for big walks. She has more energy than our Bernese mountain dogs and so she can keep up to the kids when they ride horse. Her favorite spot is laying in the kitchen on the cool floor. She weighs 80 lbs and has gorgeous, wavy hair.


Iris is a beautiful F1 Bernedoodle and is one of the females we have chosen for our F1b puppies. She is our smallest girl at 70 lbs. She has amazing coloring and a shorter, wavy hair coat. She loves to go places with us and is so good no matter where we take her. Iris and Felicity have quite a bond.

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