Breeding the perfect Bernedoodles In NW Minnesota!

Richardville Hunde

Our Family

We live on a farm located in Northwestern Minnesota.  We have 53 acres of beautiful land that is a great space for our dogs to have lots of room to run around and enjoy the great outdoors. Our three children can be found outside tending to our horses, feeding chickens, or running around playing with the dogs. My husband and I were married 17 years before having children and during that time our dogs were our babies.  In 2012, Felicity Haze Hanson arrived. She is now a busy 11 year old who loves helping out around the farm with all the chores. She loves ice skating, dance, and riding horse. Three years later the family almost doubled in size with the arrival of our twins, Edythe and Nels. Edythe is a songstress and loves telling stories to the dogs. Nels is 100% boy is constantly bringing all kinds of sticks, mud, and creatures into the house. The kids are great little helpers and love to help out with the puppies.

We are excited to hear about your family and how we can help match you with the perfect puppy!

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our family strives to raise high-quality standard Bernedoodles. Dogs have always been a big part of our family. Our breeding stock has been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality in socialization, intelligence, confirmation, consistency in appearance. We strive to to provide your family with the ideal pet and companion. In our view, the Bernedoodle is the result of crossing the two purebred lines which provide benefits to the resulting pup that neither breed possess on their own. The majesty, kindness, and distinctive look of the Bernese Mountain Dog along with the intelligence and loyalty of the Standard Poodle. We would love to be able to help you find the puppy of your dreams. Please tour our website and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.