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F1 Bernedoodle


Gordon is a beautiful F1 Bernedoodle with perfect markings. Ready to go home the beginning of August. Call Heather today to learn more! 218-526-0841

f1 bernedoodle

About Me

I am a precious F1 Bernedoodle looking for her forever family! I would love to join your family. I am expected to mature between 75-90lbs and will be the best family dog!

Beginning of August, 2024

Date Availabe

85-100 lbs

Maturity Weight



About The Breed

The F1 Bernedoodle is a relatively new breed that has been gaining popularity over the last few years. As its name suggests, it stems from a crossbreeding of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, resulting in an intelligent and loving companion who’s known to have hypoallergenic qualities.

Bernedoodles are highly intelligent and easily trainable, making them ideal for both first-time dog owners and experienced ones alike. They have a loyal and social nature and have been known to develop very strong bonds with their human families. Their affectionate character and playful disposition make them fantastic family pets, and they are particularly great with children.

One of the key benefits of the Bernedoodle breed is that they have a reputation for being hypoallergenic, meaning they’re less likely to trigger allergies than other dog breeds. Their coat is typically wavy and soft to the touch, consisting of a blend of the Bernese Mountain Dog’s luxurious long fur and Poodle’s curly hair.

There are three main sizes of Bernedoodles: standard, miniature, and tiny. The standard Bernedoodles can weigh as much as 90lbs, while miniature and tiny Bernedoodles range from 10 to 40lbs, depending on their breeding lineage. Despite their size, all Bernedoodles are energetic and playful, and require regular exercise as part of their daily routine.

If you’re looking for a smart, affectionate, hypoallergenic, and adorable addition to your family, a Bernedoodle may be the perfect fit. This lovable breed brings together the best qualities of its parent breeds, and we think they’re some of the most amazing dogs you’ll ever come across!

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